Opinions please?

I bought this necklace this morning at an estate sale. It was three dollars so I grabbed it up without even looking at it. But after I got a chance to inspect it I am not sure what is going on with it. I would love to hear what you guys think about it. BTW the beads and pendant are testing as sterling and I did not cut into the pendant to see if it was just plated.


You definitely got a deal. Whether the pendant is Native American made is questionable.

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Thanks, I was wondering about the pendant. The clasp is all wrong. But are the beads native made? Did someone use good bench beads to put together their own necklace with a pendant they liked and a horrible clasp?Or might the beads be mass produced mail order? I am not good enough yet at evaluating these things. I was looking at the way all the pieces were tied up and it felt a bit DIY.

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From what I can see the beads appear to be center punched and soldered, so yes nice older beads. Nice chip inlay pendant…but like you say, icky clasp :woozy_face:. If it were mine, I’d wear the pendant on a handmade Navajo link chain and restring the beads for another purpose. Great find…good for you!


Thanks, I was thinking of breaking it up into pieces. Glad to hear someone else would do the same. I think I will just trash the clasp.:grimacing::slightly_smiling_face:


You got a good deal! I have the same pendant, and it is sterling and chip inlay. I suspect NA-made but possibly a shop? Because I have seen a few of these online. I like mine, though…looks like stained glass.

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