Paper Mache jewelry or not

This is way out of the ball park, but I figure if some of you knew about rose petal jewelry you may know about paper mache. Coming back from a ARRL Fest (amateur radio) we stopped at a tag sale and I bought this necklace and earring set. I thought it was old, some non-precious metal, and maybe coral.
We left and came back half an hour later. It was still there. The lady who sold it to me said it was paper mache made by a Newport (RI) jeweler. She encouraged me to feel how light it is. It is very light, comfortable to wear. Could this really be Paper Mache or could you have been confused? If anyone wants to see the earrings (chandelier style) or back of necklace I will take a photo of that. Thanks for checking this out. Oh, no hallmarks, gold marks at all! I do like it and that is what matters.


Amazing. Here’s an interesting collection. Remarkable Paper Mache Jewelry
I suppose your necklace may have some paper mache elements. Also, it’s possible the seller may have been thinking of another necklace. I like you necklace.

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What a remarkable way to make bold jewelry. The search engine I use on my computer never brought up this site. Thanks for sharing info. Yes, I was wondering if she might have made a mistake, but she was so adamant about it. The back of jewelry, hook, mottled color of stones reminds me of 1950s jewelry.

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I don’t know how this could be paper mache.
Maybe it’s gold washed tin.
Looks like India or Pakistani origin. It would look great with a sari.
It is pretty!

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Thank you. We couldn’t see how they could be Paper Mache either. Raysha and I think she may have confused it with another piece. It was an interesting tag sale.

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Yes, many times people get things like this confused, or they were told the wrong thing initially.

Well, it’s a nice piece with cool ethnic vibes!
I think 1950s-60s with Czech glass cabochons.
Czech glass was shipped all over the world, so to find it’s way into eastern jewelry is not too far a stretch,!

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I agree with @Stracci ; Southeast Asian, most likely India, possibly Afghani. However I would date it to late 20th century. I’ve donated back a ton of this stuff in the last 10 years. Typically brass and glass. No paper Mache here. The better pieces were sterling and sterling vermeil.


Good information. Thanks.