Peking Glass

The picture is of peking glass which can look very similar to turquoise. I’ve recently seen people selling ‘Navajo’ jewellery set with this claiming it to be turquoise. Please be wary this glass was created to replicate gemstones.


Thanks for the heads up. I would like to get hold of a piece like this for reference sake. I’ve been looking on ebay but haven found a piece that really looks like turquoise. This one looks pretty good!

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I found this image on Google and it said it was on ebay but I think it was the uk site. I see them a lot at my workplace and some look a lot like turquoise and lapis lazuli.

thanks I’ll check them out on

That photo is not Peking glass. Peking glass is glassware exclusively made in China in a specific manner using a technique called glass overlay. This is just a regular art glass cabochon. Hubbell glass, on the other hand, was a popular imitation turquoise used in the 20’s and 30’s.

I was curious and browsed and turned up this: Apparently cabs of this kind are also known as “Czech Peking glass”–a phrase that sets off alarm bells. :grin: Apparently, vintage Czech jewelry includes some with glass beads and cabochons in imitation of Chinese style and thus marketed as “Peking glass.”

There’s plenty of costume jewelry described as having Peking glass, evidently.

Its full name is Czech but usually shortened to peking. I see it daily at my work and some does look very close to gemstones that it sometimes gets mixed up. The easiest way to test it hold it in your hand, if it warms up then it is glass, if it stays cold it is a gemstone.