Persian turquoise?

Hi I just bought these at the current Denver show and the dealer said that these are Persian turquoise. They seem very heavy and cold. I would love to ask for your experience and expertise on this matter. These were sold at $5 and $3 per gram.

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If you told me these are Persian stones I would believe you. So, a gram is 5 carats making it $.60 to $1 per carat? If my math conversion is correct that seems like a good deal.

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Hi, could this be Persian turquoise?
Anyone recognize hallmark?

That’s a cool looking piece of turquoise jewelry. The hallmark looks familiar but, unfortunately, I’m not able to identify it. These are my pieces with Egyptian turquoise. The stones are blue with a reddish-brown matrix. Not sure that Egyptian turquoise has other color shades in it other than blue, but I feel others here will be more informed about this turquoise than I am. (These rings are Southwestern style, not Native American made.)


RR is probably NOT rolls royce in this instance

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This is old black and blue Number Eight Turquoise, great rocks!