Petite Point Screw Back Earrings Hallmark?

Well I have exhausted my books on this one. Any ideas on the hallmark? I am guessing age to be early 20th century. This doesn’t look like an engraved hallmark more etched in my opinion. Thoughts, guesses??


No, because it’s not Jobeth Mayes, and other pictographs of cornstalks appear to belong to Hopi artists.

This is beautiful work, though. For me, these would be keepers.

Going to check my Zuni Art & the People volumes for the pattern and shape – which is harder than matching a hallmark. But this person was skilled and ought to be there.

Edited to add: Well I have looked at several artists, and I see aspects of their work, as contemporaries of your artist, but no one signed work like that. They either left pieces unsigned or signed with initials. I’m stumped. But these are beautiful and would be a match for the Sidney Hooie squash blossom necklace & bracelet that we saw here. I’m not joking about that as the beads and the stone shape are very close.

It’s so much like searching for the name of a painter too. You think you have it one moment and the next, you are knowing how wrong you are. At least you can read the 'Zuni", right?!? That signature to me represents the cornstock but I just don’t know who it is made by. Good luck. These are gorgeous btw!

I just found something very similar that might just be it…could be. Kenneth Kuwanvayouma. Try that. I should have linked it for you but I was too concerned about spelling that long name correctly! LOL.

That would be Hopi, so…whoops!

Thanks everyone! This mystery has been passed on to the new owner. I sold them on Saturday. Probably not for the price I could have but it was nice to see and touch them! I price all of my items based on what I pay to get them, keeps people coming back and pays for my mistakes as well! :slight_smile:

Hi christibo! I’ve been gone for a bit here, just too busy with the daily life stuff. Anyway I just wanted to say hey and I do the same thing most of the time. Regardless, I always have happy customers! What could be better than that?!?