Pewter Kachina pendant

Looking for any information about this pendant. I know it is pewter and it is marked on the back with JPD followed by a copyright symbol. It also has what was once a blue ball chain. It also has a hollow space with a cover loosely attached. I would love to know who the artist is and the purpose of the hole in the piece.

Could have it been used to hold ceremonial tobacco?
A very interesting piece.

I really don’t know. The back piece is so loose, I am afraid to wear it, it falls right out. I was thinking possibly ashes for a memory pendant?

Here is another one attributed to Jackson Park Designs.

This looks exactly like it!!! Thank you! Do you have any idea what the space in the back is for??

No idea, but I imagine whatever the owner decided and if it would fit.

This is not an ethnographically used piece, but simply costume, so I wouldn’t expect it to have meaning/intended uses at all. Maybe it was part of the hippie-era vogue for “poison ring” or “stash” jewelry, things in two parts for secret whatever.

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Jason, I am having trouble finding anything about Jackson Park Designs, is this a Native American artist/company?

My Grandchildren would love that!!! I have a “Tibetan” prayer ring that they fight over…lol

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