Peyote Bird Chip Inlay Squash Blossom

I’ve looked at a lot of these and have yet to find one with the birds oriented in this side view fashion. It also seems like the quality is not what I see in many of the others. Unmarked, it’s 27" long stretched out. Each bird is 7/8" tall and 1-1/4" across. Weight is 143 g and the beads are 7 mm.
There is also a cuff that seems like it might be the same maker. It’s 48 g. and fits me so it’a approximately a 7" cuff with 1-1/4" gap. It looks to me like the middle wire broke and some one tried to reattach it and melted the resin on the tail, you can see a separation of the wire there. I got the idea because, if you look close I discovered there is a separation on the other side just above the bird’s beak that is loose. But I could be wrong about that scenario.
Looking for any info at all, and some idea of value.

And the cuff.


I love chip inlay. :+1:

Chip inlay a nice aged look, with a bracelet $900 - $1200. If we could find out who the artist is that might go up.