Peyote bird watch

hello, do you know this brand? and any idea of ​​the value? thank you in advance for your feedback


No relationship to Native American jewelry. From Google, it’s a “Southwest inspired” costume jewelry brand. eBay Sold listings with an elastic stretch bracelet and beads like this range $10-60 or so.


I have a whole collection of their watches - they mix in with NA and western jewelry easily, although not NA themselves.


thank you very much to all :blush: I have this one that catches my eye and obviously not the same budget!!! on the other hand, do you know this signature? I couldn’t find!

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i did not find a match for this mark either.

what I do find interesting is that this mark is similar in appearance to
a more well known quarter moon mark

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it’s important to note in this case that the native american maker of the turquoise tips is not the same as the factory maker of the mother of pearl watch face. your other watch is a brand name piece all by a commercial maker, I believe.


indeed, Harpo is a shop in Paris that works with Native American artists, which is why even if you don’t recognize the signature, it’s still trustworthy! thank you all for your research and help.

I don’t follow your comment about this shop in Paris. It’s not related to the watch you show, right?

Trustworthy is when something is what it was sold as, according to the law, and not masquerading as Native made. In contemporary jewelry it also wouldn’t kill a vendor to identify the maker of a piece vs. offering generic “Navajo rings.” This I find offputting, personally, and raises questions I don’t need raised. OK exiting my stump speech now. :grinning:

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I visited the boutique and they have a lot of jewelry signed by well-known natives. I was not interested in other jewelry, maybe not Native American!?

for example, these two bracelets which for the price I hope are originals!!

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