Philbert Begay Huge Bolo

Catch of the day, for me, is this massive signed Philbert Begay bolo tie. It measures about 7/8" wide at one end and a bit over 1 1/4" at the wider end. Length is 3". The bolo tips unmarked and just under 3" long.
My questions are about it’s age, value and what kind of turquoise is at the wider end.
Thank you so much!


Philbert started making jewelry when he was 14 years old, and went out on his own at age 21. He is now 47 years old in 2016.


I’m guessing some No. 8?

Thank you Karne. Trying to learn about turquoise.

Try a photo that showcases the stones, perhaps from the side instead if the bolo design. better picture of turquoise stones?

Thanks for taking a look at these.