Photography Tips? HELP!

I was gifted a lightbox for Christmas, and I really liked the idea of not having to go outside or wait until daylight to take a picture. It’s supposed to be a convenient way to take photos. But since I set it up, I HATE the lighting- It’s extremely artificial and harsh lighting. It’s great for selfies, but not for photographing jewelry. Have any of you ever worked with one before? Am I doing something wrong?


which brand lightbox. can you post a picture of the set-up, location of light and type of lighting.

also make, model camera used and the settings it was on when photo taken.

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I just bought one too and am not thrilled either. And I am too lazy to go to the computer with Photoshop.

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Me too. My iPad takes better pictures than the camera I used to own so I use it. When there’s no outside lighting available, I use the bathroom counter which had six led natural daylight bulbs over it. Gives a good representation of the turquoise color most of the time. No Photoshop but I do use the edit feature on the iPad to auto adjust the lighting and crop the edges. Voila-done!

I would also like to know. Maybe a combination of lighting like full spectrum grow lights mixed with whatever is in the box? And I see now I’m repeating what islandmomma just said right now, lol!

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Colored reflector cards placed close but just out of the shot can change the look and feel quite a bit for little to no money. Always a challenge to clip/tape/drape/prop them just right though. You can use colored construction paper or anything else that has the color you want.

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Maybe we should just find out what’s in the grow box. :rofl: