Physical clues to determine authenticity of Navajo jewelry

I’m seeing more and more jewelry items on ebay and elsewhere identified as Navajo or Native American. But as a native of New Mexico and collector for nearly 30 years, it does NOT appear to be Navajo made to me. Does Perry Null or anyone interested in the Forum have any sure-fire suggestions for determining authenticity just by looking at photos?

I have seen imitations that look exactly like a piece of handmade Native American art, so if the imitation is well made I don’t think you could determine from a picture. However, if the item is imitating something that is a better quality, or the materials don’t seem right, or some other clue suggest it is not authentic then I think a picture can reveal it not being Native American way. It would be great if you could include a link or picture of an item that does NOT appear to be Native American made for the discussion, good learning experience for us all.