Pillow bead necklaces

Today I have two examples of what I believe to be Navajo pillow bead necklaces. The first is about 24”, has a circular stamp and three beads feature turquoise. They weigh about 80g and the beads are about 3/8” thick and are strung on chain.
The second necklace is about 26”, weighs 112g and features thin beads stamped with an eagle head. They are about 1/4” thick and strung on wire.
I think they are both handmade. The turquoise looks to me like it might be Morenci. Any thoughts?
My questions are: are they both handmade and how do they compare in value? In other words, does the turquoise make the lighter one more valuable or does the heavier weight make the all silver one the costlier of the two? Also, do you have any idea of age and actual value.
This is like going to school again, only way more fun. Thanks for the information!


Both nice examples. I know I would be willing to pay more for the detailing in the turquoise piece. Curious what comes back on the weight versus the detailed work.

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The necklace with the turquoise is the one you more commonly find. I have never seen one like the eagle necklace you have, has a good look. I would consider the turquoise one more valuable, and call the stone Sleeping Beauty. We get these necklaces in the store and seems like the one with the turquoise goes around $200, a little less for the eagles.

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Thanks as always. I am assuming from your answer that they are handmade Navajo. It doesn’t surprise me that the turquoise won but I think the eagle necklace is my favorite at the moment. I have never seen another either.

They are handmade. The eagle disc might be bought like that (already stamped but not sure) and then soldered to the back piece to make the piece.

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