Platero collection

A few folks asked to see my small collection of Platero pieces. I finally took the time to photograph them together! I have a bracelet, 3 pendants, two rings, earrings, and two other pairs of earrings that are Platero family members.

Everything -

Alice Platero pale green earrings, JB Platero hubei (?) earrings

L Platero and R Platero hallmarks

spinner earrings turquoise/coral are not marked, but undeniably either Ramone or Louise. these were converted before me from screw backs to wires.

this smallest pendant has the only hallmark i question - not stamped or chiseled, but engraved “R Platero”


What a great collection! It’s all beautiful, but I’m all about that cuff, wow!


I love seeing your collection. That cuff is such an interesting style! Are those spinner earrings? His spinners are wonderful; I have a spinner pendant. I’ll get a few pics of mine to add to the thread😊.

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Love the spinner earrings. They are all very nice.

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Looks like I have 3 pieces of Ramona/Louise Platero jewelry:

The spinner and cuff are by Ramon:

This pendant is by Louise:

Hope to see some more by this family.


oooooh i COVET that spinner pendant!! matches my earrings… just sayin. I can DM you my address. :smiley:

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In that vein, pls send cuff my way. And thank you.



@Jemez2; Wouldn’t they be great together. I really need to downsize but have a hard time doing so🥴…if that happens, you’ll be the first to know!
@chicfarmer :rofl::smile::rofl: