Please help identify Hallmark and stones on silver beautiful belt buckle

Hi Turquoise People I am new here!
I found this beautiful beautiful silver belt buckle!
It probably is the most beautiful thing I own.
I am searching and searching hallmarks throughout the internet to find it but no luck.
I would also like help identifying the stones in it.
I appreciate it!

Hmmm…IDK, didn’t find anything like the mark. Is it a bird’s head? Maybe the chip inlay stones are turquoise and some kind of shell? Not sure this is native made, but it’s pretty.

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Welcome to Turquoise People. It is a tough one. This is a piece being attributed to Navajo artist Raymond Boyd. Early Raymond Boyd Signed Navajo Sterling Silver Multi Stone | Etsy. You Find a number of Zuni artists that work in this style. It is going to be difficult to attribute to a certain artist. Did you test the metal? The stamped border is more Navajo style.

Zuni artists Sammy & Esther Guardian

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The “handmade” legend is professionally cut with a graver in block letters, and there appears to be bright cut engraving work on the face of the buckle. It may well be handmade, but I sincerely doubt it is made by the individual to whom it is attributed.

Note that the Boyd attributed pendant Jason posted is marked by hand with the type of vibratory engraver often used by native craftspeople, and not cut in block lettering by a professional level engraver, as the buckle is.

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Did many Zunis work in chip inlay? This is almost giving me a mexico vibe, except for the absence of the corresponding hallmarks. I think it’s the fine line detail in the cattails that are making me think mexico.


@Jemez2. Worked in Zuni for many years. Not once in that period or since, have I ever seen Zuni made chip inlay.

Additionally, the presence of professionally engraved block lettering, and bright cut engraving on the buckle face done with a flat graver, extensively used in Mexican style Western “Bright Cut” scrollwork supports your assessment that the work was likely done in Mexico.


Old silver turquoise belt buckle. I have had thirty years and was old when I acquired. It has a square hallmark, with the initials D E under what look like a batwing, over the word “sterling” Any assistance appreciated!


More people might see this if you made it a separate post. I’m not much help on the hallmark, but the stones resemble Kingman nuggets.