Please Help Identify Mark & Turquoise Buckle


I purchased this recently through an online auction, paid around $330 total. The auction place said it was 14k gold leaves but after receiving it and examining I’m not so sure it is solid 14k gold, probably overlay 14k over sterling? I believe it is Navajo and no idea what the mark is, could be a picto mark? Some of the Turquoise cabochons look to have been filled with some sort of resin in the pitted areas? Any idea or opinions on the Turquoise mine would be great, the only ideas of type of Turquoise I have is maybe Blue Diamond, Kingman, Stormy Mountain, or maybe even Chinese? Thanks, - Jacob

Try taking it to a gold buying shop where they have an XRF machine to check out the gold content. Expect/offer to pay a fee for this service as this is a very expensive, non-destructive test. A fair amount of pieces trimmed in gold are actually made of gold filled sheet metal, not solid gold. Good luck.