Please help identify these Concho belts. Any help appreciated!

I recently purchased these belts at a local thrift store. I have inspected them for any markings but haven’t located any thus far. In an effort not to hurt them if they may be authentic, I haven’t attempted to polish the silver. I have attached some photos and am happy to supply any info that may help. Many thanks for any information. I’ve enjoyed learning about Concho belts!


Wish I could find several belts like that. I have one with the double leather like that and believe it’s from the 70’s. The second one looks cast to me. The third one looks like a real belt but I dont know much else. I’m sure someone will have more information. Good buy!


Thank you so much! This is so helpful! If I were interested in selling them, do you have a suggestion of where I might start?

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Native American auction house search results <<<<<<<click