Please Help Identify this Bracelet

This is my second time trying on here, with no responses. I have a very heavy silver bracelet with a large turquoise stone on it. It is a story bracelet with bear claws and river symbols on it, signed "S R, then a backwards N, Yazzie, Sterling. Can anyone help name the artist, please? No one can identify it.

We need a picture please of the bracelet front and back and a close up of the hallmarks, please and Thank you :wink:

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Thank you!!!

Please help. I have been waiting for months for a reply. This hallmark isn’t that rare, is it?

There are a lot of Yazzies out there who make jewelry, and I mean a LOT. This hallmark is a puzzle because the fonts in the name Yazzie do not match any that are listed in the books. Also the SR and reverse N do not match any known hallmark either. Usually when you get two different distinct hallmarks like that it is a collaboration piece where one person has done the lapidary work or carving and another the smithing. I see no evidence of this on this bracelet so I am again perplexed by the two apparent hallmarks.
Very sorry but this is the only help I can give you which isn’t much help at all.