Please help identify this maker's stamp. JEP sterling

I got this snake pendant a few months ago. It says JEP sterling. Has a 14K bead. Please help identify. I tried to search online, found some bracelets with the same stamp, but no infirmation on the artist or the style. Is it from the Southwest? Thank you!


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Can you give us a little more information, where you purchased the item? what the seller said?

Hi, I won the item at a Goodwill auction! The item was listed as JEP sterling and 14K gold bead pendant. Given that it looks like a snake, i thought it was made by a Native American artist.

Hmmm…doesn’t look particularly native to me. I couldn’t find the hallmark anywhere, but other people on here are better at that than I am. I found several other items with the same mark on Etsy, and a couple of the sellers were claiming Native American made. But they didn’t give any proof, and I don’t always trust Etsy. Whatever the case, it’s cool!

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I agree with @Ziacat that it’s unlikely to be Native. It doesn’t look particularly Southwestern in style to me either, and although I can see the resemblance to a snake, I think it’s just intended to be a geometric pattern.


Appreciate your feedback. Very helpful. Thank you :smile:

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Found another one they are calling Native American Vintage Southwestern 14K Gold Bead Sterling Silver Serpent - Etsy New Zealand