Please help identify this ring’s origin

Thank you! I am new, this is my first post. I want to find out who made my ring.


Beautiful ring.
I cropped and sharpened the hallmark in case anyone recognizes


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Thank you, I also have a picture of it which I magnified that mark, maybe that would help.

Here it is.

Couldn’t find the hallmark, but found others that didn’t know the name either

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sellers ebay store screenshot. dug a little deeper and its connected to:

all contact info at bottom of that link. if they dont know who RMS is…

Ronnie Spencer is RMS

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Steve, where did the bottom screen shot come from? The Ronnie Spencer attribution?

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I also saw that one on eBay. The one I have I bought at an antique store in TX, from a woman who told me she bought it in New Mexico. So, since I bought it I’ve been scouring the nets trying to find out about it (which led me to this group) and in all that searching, I have found two similar rings with the same RMS mark, both on eBay. But that’s it. I still don’t know where they came from, who made them, their actual value, or anything.

All I really know is that I like it! :blush:


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Thank you Steve, following your link, I wandered over to this site for another shop, and it looks like the same RMS signature that’s on my ring is on these other similar ones attributed to Ronnie Spencer.

Interesting. The ones with the rug pattern designs along the sides don’t look handmade to me. The rug pattern portion looks like it’s meant to look like overlay, but doesn’t have the sharpness of actual overlay and strikes me as machine cast. @Jason and others, please correct me if I’m wrong. Steve, I’m interested that you traced some of these rings to Desert Indian Traders, because I’m pretty sure that in my early days of collecting I purchased a fake from them–a very convincing copy of an actual Zuni artist’s inlay bracelet, but inlaid with block.

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