Please help identify this turquoise

Hello, I received this lovely ring 15 years ago from a friend. It is not stamped but she had said it was sterling, handcrafted and from a Native American gift shop. What kind of turquoise is this? Love this ring. Thank you!

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Most of the time, not always, it’s not possible to identify the mine by looks alone. You can make a guess though. I would say Kingman.


Thank you for your help! I love this ring… was always intrigued by the color and beauty of the stone.

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Here are some of my 1980s Sleeping Beauty cabs. I’m not good at turquoise ID (except my old inventory I that I am sure of, and that isn’t much) but just another thought for you. The camera made the blue a bit darker.


Thank you! Need to check out Sleeping beauty turquoise. Mine looks greener though.

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To me the type of inclusions is what made me think of it. SB has been known to come in blue green towards green. I have tried elemental analysis which I gave up on since there seems to be varying concentrations of various elements from a single mine giving rise to a range of colors. I like @Ziacat’s take on turquoise: when in doubt, call it Kingman. Visual similarity seems to be how I see most people ID the various turquoise origins. Nice ring no matter which turquoise.