Please help identifying

I was hoping someone here could help identify the set that I recently purchased from a private collection. The only marking I can find is on the ring and necklace which is a LX with a bar underneath. I would love any information anyone can share age/ maker / where it was made etc… Thanks


Beautiful set! I haven’t turned up anything on the artist’s mark, but one of the first things that caught my eye was that the center setting on the naja was set differently than the settings on the necklace.
The settings on the beaded portion of the necklace have the rounded “petals” on the topside and the “bars” on the bottom-side. The center stone on the naja has the bars on the right.
Just something I found interesting!

Could be a trader’s mark for cost. This is a beautiful set, I would call circa 1980s, possible Ithaca Peak Turquoise.

Thanks for the info… I noticed that aswell. But i am new to this stuff and wasnt sure if that was common or not…

I think its really pretty!

That saturated blue is just beautiful!