Please help me identify this piece

This was my mother’s grandmother passed on to me and I have no clue what it’s worth or it’s meaning please help any info will be helpful. I had someone offer me $250 should I sell it for that amount ?help !!

no way I’d sell it for that price, but then I am not you. It is absolutely stunning!!!

This is a Navajo turquoise necklace. It is nice and like GinnyK indicates it is probably worth more than $250. However, you should ask yourself if it is important to you. Some of us would hold onto this at all cost if handed down to us from a grandmothers, others hold on to memories and not material things. So, if it doesn’t have a sentimental value and you are considering selling because you will not wear it, then think about the $250. If it is a friend and you know they will love it you might want to do it.

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