Please help! Turquoise or not

I found this web site while searching for the answer to my mystery stone. Recently, I got this ring on line. The seller was listing it as an agate, but I thought it’s a turquoise, so I bought it.
But now, I’m not sure what this stone is. It looks dark fuzzy grayish blue indoor, but it looks totally different under the sunlight. I can see very tiny spider web under the sun. The third picture, I put this ring next to my other spider web turquoise to show how tiny those blue spots are. If this stone is turquoise, which mine it came from? There’s a N or Z etched on the back of the ring.





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That is a really good looking turquoise stone. It can always be very difficult to determine a type of turquoise, so many mines have similar characteristics. That being said, I have had Red Mountain that looks like this, but definitely could be something else. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for your info, Jason. So it’s turquoise after all. I do not own any turquoise looking like this before, and I was regretting buying this one. I guess it’s a keeper!

It definitely looks like turquoise to me as well. Love the spider webbing which tends to add value. Always a guessing game on mine source. The darker pics look like possibly a smoky Bisbee to me, but the lighter pic almost looks like Number Eight mined. I’m not an expert, and don’t mean to suggest I am. But I would certainly keep it. Might want to see if the seller has more!