Please help with identification

I would appreciate all comments in identifying the beads in this group. They are new old stock, never used. They were all given to me, an inheritance, without any explanation of what they were. I am very curious to learn more.

Hello, not sure about the top stone but the bottom two possibly could be dyed.


The top stone looks like what is called African turquoise. That is not really turquoise but a type dyed jasper. Not a bad looking stone but not the real deal.


I just discovered that the top stone is a piece of jade! Crazy! Possibly from another
little bag in this box I inherited of Jade Cove type jade from California. It sure doesn’t look like turquoise! This stone matches the rest.

It’s jade. I need to go through all of my stones. Thank you any way.

Hi The middle stone I wish I were brave enough to get a look inside of it but I love the bent shape and wore it as a pendant today. Guess it’s the color I love! The bottom stone seems to have some little crystals in it on the backside. I suppose I should take these to the local Gem and Mineral show that travels through this part of our country each March. It’s coming soon. So hard to identify from photos. A big thank you for all of your efforts to help identify these!

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