Possible Old Cerrillos Turquoise Ring?

Bought as a 1950’s green turquoise. No marks on back or band. Seems older and not sure about mottled green turquoise. Tested positive for sterling silver. One suggested Blue Boy Mine variscite but not seeing it. Any one with ideas on approximate age and type of stone? Is it worth much? Thanks for any help.

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I don’t know what the stone is, but your buyer for this is going to admire it for being natural, untreated turquoise and for being old, simple, worn & soulful-looking. I’ll bet this stone isn’t that much different from when it came out of the earth.

Thanks for your reply. It is a soulful interesting piece I thought it needed a better look at. Can’t pin it down, like it’s from a world away! A neat old piece wherever it came from, rare and elusive.

Just a thought, seen some circa 1900 jewelry with Cerrillos similar to this. Could it be?

That stone is going to be very difficult to identify. The one attribute you have is the high cut. You see this a lot with Persian turquoise, which this is not. You also see this from time to time with Chinese. Old cuts of turquoise always seem to be pretty thin, but I am sure their are exceptions. I definitely don’t think this ring is early 1900s, and would guess it to be in the later part of last century. The craftsmanship suggest someone learning, you have the twisted wire not making the whole trip around the stone, the wire work is messy, the drops are pitted. It is silver and handmade, I would think $45 - $60.

Thanks Jason,
As sure as looks can be deceiving, this one is no exception. Sure looks old. With all you mention in your trained eye and experience this must be an amateur silversmith. The stone is what drew me to it. You say probable Chinese Turquoise, Is it a rare old piece that makes it so hard to ID? That would be OK , my only piece from that area! Thanks for the appraisal also.