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Hello turquoise people!
I have a few questions re: this necklace. It’s 28 inches long. Does the turquoise& beads appear to be authentic? Value?

I would appreciate any insight/opinions?


It looks like real turquoise and silver beads. I am assuming that the picture shows all of the turquoise? Something like this would be $75 - $90.


The turquoise is real, with very good color. Definitely stabilized. Looks Chinese to me. The apparently silver beads are machine made, and typical of silver beads sold by the piece or strand in supply houses like Indian Jewelers Supply (now gone), and Thunderbird Supply. As for value, that’s subjective and completely dependent on what someone else is willing to pay for it.


The Turquoise might not be Chinese. Need better photos of it to determine. A photo of clasp would be helpful to determine age.
This looks typical of the 1980’s Navajo made jewelry I saw when living in Chinle, AZ.


Hi! Thanks for checking it out here are some more photos

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Sorry, These photos did not post previously. Thank You