Possible Tawahongya earring?

I have a single earring…marked sterling on the end of the screwpost. There is no mark on the back, just an indent or “cut-out” in the metal, possibly from an artist’s stamp. I haven’t had the pendant itself tested for sterling, but it doesn’t respond to a magnet. The pendant, including loop, measures 1-1/2" long.

Could it be a Berra Tawahongya? Is this a Hopi figure?

Appreciate any input. Going to use it as a necklace pendant, since only have one!

Hello, thank you for sharing. The figure is a Hopi Crow Mother. I don’t think this is made by Berra, but can ask him next time I see him. I believe this small piece is cast. Can you send an image of the side?

Sorry I’ve taken awhile. Here are pix of both side views. Based on the picture of the back sent earlier, which seems like the shape is “punched through,” it might be a mold, but still sterling silver.

Any idea on the shape of the “key” impression? Would that be a signature? Aren;'t there other Tawahongya artists, too?
What do you think it might sell for as a pendant in Los Angeles are?

Thank you again.

The style of Hopi overlay art is two pieces of silver. All those cuts are very time consuming, and that is what why Hopi art can be very expensive. These two pictures show how you can identify that two pieces of of silver have been used. We have small pieces like this in the store and they sell $18 - $30. Hope this helps.