Possible Turquoise Type?

Hello wonderful Turquoise People!

I have a ring I just couldn’t resist purchasing and am wondering if someone might have an idea of the turquoise type?



Not an expert but looks similar to Boulder Turquoise.

Great looking piece of Pilot Mountain Turquoise.

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Thank you for your responses! It was suggested Royston (seems many do), but that didn’t look right to me. I just love it!

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Most likely Royston… but could be Pilot Mountain

It is classic Pilot Mountain. They both can have similar characteristics. Usually you don’t see these deep blue in Royston. However, the big clue is how thin the cut is. Pilot is a thin vein and that is why you see these really thin cuts with lots of host rock. You willl notice on your piece how quick the backing begins. Royston usually will have a much thicker cut.

Pilot Mountain cut, you can see that backing right away

Sorry I can’t get the pictures I am trying to find, but I think you can see how that Royston stone shows the thicker cut with those nice rounded edges, the Pilot is just that top.

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Thank you Jason - I absolutely see the thin cut you describe on my ring. That makes distinguishing the two MUCH easier! :slight_smile: