Possibly Fake NA pieces - Mysterious Hallmark? on both

I found these two beautiful finds; a pair of watch tips by Artisan Harold Lomayaktewa w/ “Star Priest” Stamp and a Jonathan Nez cuff w hallmark . On Both there is a CP (?). Is anyone familiar w/CP? I’m hesitant to purchase… Thanks all! **top pic is the real thing.

My first thought is this would indicate the material as copper. Why? Because I have a Jonathan Nez copper piece although it does not have the CP on it. One of the pictures of the watch tips has a coppery tint to it on the back. Could this be silver plated copper?Jonathan%20Nez%20copper

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A couple of years back the tribe had made an agreement with a handful of artists to have a few styles of their work copied (casted). The cast would include the artist name along with the company name teme. Fortunately the experiment didn’t last long and a number of the artists complained. I have sent this image to Leonard to pass onto his brother. Hopefully he will get back to us. My thoughts are the pieces are like the teme pieces. Look at the difference between the two hallmarks, the TryingToLearn is so much clearer.

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Thank you both! @TryingToLearn, The Nez piece is listed as Copper & Silver… the Price is so low, i am not certain unless the seller isn’t wise. Thanks @Jason, I hope we get an answer… Also, the Lomayaktewa /CP watch tip (yes, it does look like copper under silver )as well as a E.M. Wylie, L. Siow, and a Tom Hawk are WELL below “Genuine” sale price in my opinion… They look very genuine to me…
Here is another piece by same seller… OH MY! **Just found another Nez on Ebay with a CP