Possibly Philbert Poseyesa?

Couldn’t make out the hallmark till I had it in my hands and have found very similar but not quite the same in Hougart. What age would you put on it and what would a buckle like this go for? Thanks!

This is from Wright’s book, looks like you called it.

It is interesting because when you look up his work it is traditional Hopi overlay, not a piece like this that you think of Navajo first. Wright’s book has him beginning in 1973. This is a story about him from 2002, https://www.indiancraftshop.com/ARCHIVES/PhilbertPoseyesva.htm. If you could get a history of his hallmark that might help. In Hopi Silver it has the bear claw and a date 1986, I don’t know if that is saying it is when he started using this mark. Have fun learning more about the artist.

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Thanks Jason. You just identified one of my pieces also.