Pumpkin Jewelry

Since today is a day for pumpkin pie and enjoying a bountiful harvest I, decided to post this.
It belonged to an ancestor.
Might have been a scarf clasp or pin.

I love how thick it is. Appears to be made from aluminum, or some other light metal.
It is a silver color with worn gold and purple wash.
No marks that I could find.


How pretty! Looks like a pin whose clasp broke off. I guess pumpkins have long signified a good harvest.

Looks like older white or pot metal (Spelter) that was gold washed. I can’t remember which metal gives a purplish wash. First pumpkin I’ve seen. My guess is from 1880s - 1920s by the construction.

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Thank you. It was in a box with ancestors jewelry form the 1880’s through the 1940’s.