Quail Bolo by Porfilio and Ann Sheyka

This thing is huge. It didn’t look as big in the pictures because the bolo tie itself is a very large diameter piece of braided leather, which makes the Quail look considerably smaller if you see it without any size context.

Oppositely, the Conestoga Wagon bolo has a small diameter bolo tie, which make it look bigger than it really is. Even more extreme is the Rattlesnake bolo that is quite large, but with a very small diameter bolo tie it looks even bigger.



Such a great collector’s piece, @AC. I picked up my first Sheyka piece, the white snowy owl pin (I will have to post it soon!) and I love the attention to detail in their Inlay pieces.

Is this a magazine, book? Good reference.

Thanks Jason, I didn’t even think to name the book. Sorry about the glare, it’s a very shiny book.

“Who’s Who in Zuni Jewelry” by Gordon Levy. Published in 1980.

Thanks, I will have to see if I have that one.