Question about metalStones on cuff? Help!

Got this piece on RL listed as turquoise silver Harvey era, I’m concerned about silver content. By eye, the underneath looks cheesy (pot metal)?..magnet test ,
no cling, piece is not marked coin, sterling or nickel and most important Has NO smell like tarnished silver…So, absent a testing kit, can any of our mighty fine sleuths offer an opinion please? Also what mine would these stones be from, ya reckon?..


This looks like a typical Harvey style silver bracelet. Have you tested for silver yet? The stones are beautiful


Thank you!..It was advertised as a silver Harvey era… I love the stones.
I don’t have a testing kit and was hoping other “tell tale methods” could verify if it is sterling or ?.

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Looks like silver. Maybe something like Fox Turquoise.

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It looks like the middle support has been cracked on both sides of the center stone?

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Yes… @karne its cracked in both places. :frowning:
I’m sending it out to Perry Null for a ’ total make over’. :wink:

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the dangers of “slightly adjustable” or “adjustable” over time