Question about repairing Native American jewelry

I bought a gorgeous pair of earrings with great stones, even though the clip on the back of one earring was broken off.
The earrings need to be repaired to be wearable.

The earrings are well-made. It wasn’t the maker’s fault that they broke, of course. Stuff happens.

I see from the signature on the back, EMT within a fish symbol, that the artists who made these earrings are still active and have a website, Teller Indian Jewelry.

I’m unsure of the etiquette here. Would it be polite or okay to reach out to the artists and ask if they would like to repair their own jewelry? For a fee, of course. I would want to pay fairly for their time and work, and pay postage.

Is this something that people do, or is it considered an imposition on the artist, taking away time from their making new work?

This is the earrings that I want to fix. I fell in love with the stones. It’s a shame they can’t be worn with one clip broken off.

I think it is completely fine. They like their jewelry to be worn and you can’t do that if they are broken. They are very nice people, I can’t imagine them being put off by this.

Jason, thanks. This is good to know. These are beautiful stones and I want to wear the earrings, not just hold them in my hand and admire them.

Revisiting this topic to bring it to a close.
After an email exchange with EM Teller Indian Jewelry, I sent both earrings to them with a money order.
They just arrived back today.
They look immaculate. I’m very happy.

I’m not going to make a habit of buying broken earrings and paying for repair, but … those stones. And the clean minimal setting that lets them shine. They deserve to be worn.

Tellers Indian Jewelry and the Tellers are the best.