Question on age and value of unmarked cuff



I’m not sure if this cuff is Navajo-made, and how old it is. There don’t seem to be any markings. Also, I’m not sure about the kind of turquoise. It weighs about 54 grams. There are arrows stamped on the untwisted, middle length of silver.

Thanks for any input.


This looks nice, can you possibly give us a nice picture of the stone. That will maybe help a little.

Here’s some different photos.

Thanks a lot.

I would call this Navajo. I am a little confused on whether I want to call this old. The silver work looks old but the stone does not. How does the silver feel, sharp edges, smooth? Do you have any history, where you acquired? what someone else said about the piece?

The silver feels smooth, without sharp edges, including the bezel. The stone is set in a plain bezel outlined with twisted wire. Around the bezel and inside the wire work you can see a white powdery substance, maybe from more recent brazing, if someone redid the stone setting? Or it could be a silver-polishing paste.

I got it from a Goodwill online auction. The wire work looked so nice, and the bracelet looked unusual. They claimed it was donated from someone who wanted to help the organization. They called it old pawn Navajo-style, but they didn’t have any documentation.

I’m not good at taking close-up photos.There seems to be stamping in between the wire work on the outer edges of the face.

Any idea about the turquoise, if it looks treated?

Thanks for your help.