Questions about Zuni earrings and necklace

We have sunface earrings marked with Sterling and FDS.
We have a sunface necklace marked with a D that has a J inside the D. Photos are attached. Please help us with the marks. They are vintage – probably from the 50’s or 60’s.

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When I first saw that necklace it reminded me of Dora Massie’s work. Maybe her husband Jose and her had this mark? We get lots of work from the Soseeah family, maybe research that name and see if you can find this mark.


I did some research and could not find a similar mark, except in the trademark directory and it was labeled “unknown”.
If it was a mass-produced item wouldn’t It be easier to find the mark on other things?
The Massie’s used a full-name mark and I could not find anything similar in the Soseeah family.

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Steve, Thank you. I have identified the FDS hallmark, but the necklace is marked with a J inside of a D. That hallmark is a mystery.