Questions on Wolf-Robe cuff

I have been collecting some pieces made by Wolf Robe Hunt (Wayne Henry Hunt) 1905-1977 The first picture shows the few pieces I have collected. I recently purchased a cuff with his hallmark. The cuff seems very primitive (see the welds attaching the front to the cuff in next to last picture). Also the “stone” has a hollow sound to it and I’m not even sure it is stone.
Any guesses on the age and opinions on the “stone” and value would be greatly appreciated.

Nice collection. I always think of jade when I see this color. Here is a link to compare it to, Always hard to tell from an image. That style of wire and stamp work I believe would suggest 60s-70s.

Thank you for bringing Wolf Robe to the forum. I enjoyed reading about the Hunt family. A few of the articles/videos mentioned the Spanish influence on the Acoma Pueblo Peoples. Another article said Edward Hunt, Wolf Robe’s (aka Wayne Henry Hunt’s) father’s father may have been Spanish. It’s possible we see these influences in your cuff.
It has been exciting learning some of this North American history because of Wolf Robe -so much more to learn. Thanks again.

Some history of Acoma Pueblo Welcome