R.Nessie mark

Good day i have a pendant marked R.Nessie. apparently they are navajo. I can not find the mark or any info about this piece or its maker any help would be appreciated.

A quick search resulted in over 12 items for sale or sold with the same mark. What info are you looking for?

Any history to rhe designer well known unknown. I found a few items with the name on but really nothing about them. Age,man,woman,etc.

I’m sorry but isn’t Nessie Scottish???

Sorry :grin:

Not sorry :grimacing:

I haven’t stopped thinking about this one. Nessie is not a name I am familiar with and I always get suspicious with the style of work you see associated with this name on google search. However, the craftsmanship is nice and it is definitely handmade. So, I am going to throw out a theory that makes sense for me. Most of the work you find on the search is 14k gold and most likely done in a manufacturing house, the R. Nessie is the inlayer. The shop most likely has the hallmarks made for the piece and lapidary workers. You will find that a Navajo last name Nezzie exist, maybe this shop made a mistake with the hallmark stamp. If you could find some artist Nezzie through social media and ask if they know of a R. Nezzie who is an inlayer.

Your theory makes a lot of sence. I too noticed that most if not all were in gold. And i have never seen a surname of Nessie.
Thank you so much for your theory which makes sence.

Interesting i found this picture.
R Nessie Navajo at the heard Museum.