R.Singer Bolo Silver & Turquoise. Huge. Value & Turquoise ID?

Lots of Hallmarks on this large bolo by R. Singer ( Richard son of Tommy ? ) Thoughts on value if anyone has a moment? I am geussing Nevada Turquoise, sure I am wrong, appreciate help with positive turquoise ID. As well as appreciation of value? By that I mean, does anyone have thoughts on if Singer Family Items like this are a good investment? Or, should one stick with Tommy when collecting Singer Work, with value in mind?
Thanks All

Thanks for sharing. Looks just like a Tommy Singer piece. Hougart has the hallmark as Richard Singer, son of Tommy Singer. We had an old bolo by Tommy a couple of years back that sold for $800 that was very similar to this, but had age compared to this one that seems relatively new. Most of the collectors want the older pieces and really like the chip inlay stuff. However, heavy silver and a good look should always please. The stone is a piece of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. Hope this helps.

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Once again, Thanks Jason. Your advice is always very helpful & very, very pprofessional. As well, it is given freely, that means a lot these days! I never would have identified the turquoise. In later Singer Family items like this, I see a good amount of it. This was a early, uneducated purchase, ok deal, amouse name. Of course, Singer chip inlay is stunning, I am looking for something special by him. I get lost ooking at the Storyteller jewelry by T. Singer, my guess is storyteller silver was made between chip inlay and his sweated silver? Same T. Singer? I will do some research. Sincere Thanks Jason. Best 2 u & yours & may I ask if your shop is online or not?