Ray Archie Talaheftewa Cuff

I’m trying to figure out what to ask for this men’s Man in the Maze cuff by Ray Archie Talaheftewa. I don’t have a lot in it, and Talaheftewa’s work seems to be pricey. Can anyone suggest a low and high asking price? I couldn’t find anything comparable.

Hi Bree, I had a pendant of his that I got at a great price as well. It sat around for ever when I priced it like the rest of his work. I would suggest that you decide what you would take for it and maybe spread a little sunshine. My guess would be based more on what is out there that is similar by other artists. For instance this cuff looks a bit broader, it sold for $399 new.

Based on that and depending what you paid for it…I would say $150 to $185. Maybe hold onto it for a trade down the road, I always get better value from a trade with a kindred spirit than what I can sell things for. All of course my humble opinion. :nerd:

Holding onto it is probably not a bad idea. The design on my cuff isn’t particularly striking or special. So I’m not “in love” with it if you know what I mean. I had never actually heard of this maker until I saw someone post an identical hallmark. The cuff is actually pretty thin, surprisingly.

Anyway, I’ll probably take your advice. I’ll hold onto it for a little while.