Ray Bennett? ring

This could be? Ray Bennett.

Three things:

He usually signs Ray Bennett or R. Bennett/Sterling, this is marked STERLING BENNETT.

But: Almost all sterling bolo ties are signed simply “BENNETT/PAT.Pending” and many are attributed to Ray Bennett - right or wrong I wouldn’t know.

The motif is more “Western” and I didn’t see any garnet jewelry out there by Bennett.

I was wondering if R. Bennett is still alive and if he is part of a Navajo jewelry dynasty, including Lee and Cecilia Mae Bennett?

This would be so great if I could find more information on this ring - Appreciate any information you can offer!

<<There is an edge of gold around the edge that doesn’t show well in the image.>>

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/1X/0c58f0c491f399edbf6e36048cd86abc8b5abe64.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/1X/df340717d4b37ac41d82f3087a154f865c44ff07.jpg">


We are not familiar with this hallmark, sorry. When you see Bennett Pat Pend. on a bolo it refers to the bolo backing designed by a G.L. Bennett in California, nothing to do with the artist. The ring appears to be cast, and the gemstones is unusual, not sure who made it.

Thanks for the reply!

Glad to know about the G L Bennett mark - as I mentioned, many bolos are attributed to Ray Bennett.

Thanks again.