Real-fake? can't find any marks-

if real…value, ballpark?

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Hello, it looks to be real turquoise. The silver pieces are not handmade. This would be an assembly piece. We don’t really see pieces like this so I don’t have a feeling on what they sell for. I found this etsy listing, different but same idea. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Jason! Why do you " not see pieces like this"?

I believe Jason might mean to say that this is more of a contemporary piece, whereas his specialty is vintage and antique turquoise. Most of the posts on this forum are vintage/antique pieces as well. The turquoise does appear authentic, and if the beads are sterling silver, I would sell this bracelet in my store for $25-$30. Hope this helps😁

Because of the style of beads. The artists we deal with make their own beads, this is what I think of as assembled.

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