Real of fake turquoise


I purchased this ring and I was told it was 100% natural Irani Turquoise. It looks like an Irani Turqoise. i did rub a qtip with acetone and no color come off. But I did a hot knife test and it burned the stone and it gave a plastic smell.

Please check and let me know.

Thank you,

Hello, welcome to the forum. If you could please upload an image of the stone.

in red is where i did the hot knife test. smelled like plastic

So the test most likely proved it is stabilized. Good looking ring.

Thank you for the kind comment.

So the weird thing is I tested it today over a gas stove and the flame made the turquoise crackle and pop and parts of were i flying from it.

But the stone is in intact.

What was that about?

Mystery, turquoise stones can have other properties in them. Matrix (host rock), quartz, pyrite are some of the more common, those could be the culprit. Could also be the stabilization.