Reasonable Silversmith Workshop Blackfoot Idaho

I just came across “The Stone Pony” Custom Ring Barn in Blackfoot and Idaho Falls, Idaho. Looks like you can take a three hour silversmithing workshop, choose a stone, and make a piece of jewelry all for around $100. Pretty reasonable entertainment if you are in the area.



@StevesTrail. Oh, that’s so cool, and such a reasonable fee. I would so take that workshop if we were visiting there. Have wanted to take silversmithing classes @ our local community college, but they fill up very quickly. Limited openings. A local silversmith teaches classes at his studio. Again, limited openings & unfortunately, cost prohibitive.

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That’s so interesting. Is that the typing fingers of keyboards rushing to sign up I hear? Thanks Steve. We don’t have plans to be in Idaho, but one of our friends live there.

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If you’ve never made anything before, I would take a multi-week class at the community college. 3 hours to learn to solder (braze), form a ring, make a bezel, set a stone and clean & polish is a lot for a first timer. Granted those are simple rings, but it’s still a lot of information and learning a new skill set for 3 hours. I’m guessing there’s a TA doing at least some of the soldering.