Replacing clips

If i can get a hold of this lady i think i will buy these old earrings and replace the clip with a post. Unfortunately i cant tell if there are marks becasue the clip is in the way and the patina. I hope they are Turquoise and Sterling. I think It would be worth it to update them…right?

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The fan shaped ones remind me of Sancrest Costume jewelry.


I agree with @TaraFawn75
The fan shaped ones look like costume jewelry, base metal with plastic “stones”.

The flower shaped ones look like sterling, possibly made in the Middle East.
These are by far the better pair of earrings here.
As for converting them, that will be hard. The clips will have to be sawn off, and some other fanagling to make them wearable. It will cost more than they are worth.


Thank you so much for the advice. I will pass on them.