Replica Sand Painting?

I purchased this from a yard/estate sale. Sellers said “Grandma” purchased it in AZ in the 1970’s. Paid $2.00. I liked the looks of it. Many items there were very reasonably priced.
It is about 5" by 5".
I have a collection of sand paintings. Most were purchased from the original artists in the 1980’s.

Took some photos when I got home. My eyes are not that great, so have a hard time seeing details in person.

I noticed some glittery appearances to some of the “sand”. This leads me to believe that glass, not stone sand was used. The authentic sand paintings I have do not have a glitter effect for the turquoise and other crushed stones.
The white areas are painted on.
The wood used is chip board, which was typical of some of my other purchases.

I still like this piece. Will be attaching a note to the back that it appears to be a replica, unless anyone has other ideas.

Thank you.


Arizona has some nice silica sand deposits, could just be the type of sand used.

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