Researching the Origins and Artisan of Concho belt

We came across this incredible piece today and were really grateful to have been able to purchase it.
The owner of the store had a deep knowledge of Native Art and shared as much as he knew about the craftsmanship but did not know who the artisan was.
We were very drawn to this particular style and the fantastic mosaic work. We could feel the love that went into!
Would anyone happen to know more about the origins and possibly an artist that created this?



Chip inlay is a very popular style in the 1970s-80s. Does the belt have a hallmark?


Awesome! Thank you.
I’ll take a closer look at the belt when we get back in town. I didn’t see any markings when we initially looked at it.
Any ideas on the origins or the maker by chance? I haven’t been able to find similar patterns or style in the research I have done.
Thanks a bunch! This is a great forum

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I apologize! We’ve been out of town for a bit.
I took off all of the individual concho’ sand inspected each of them as well as the leather and still haven’t been able to find any identifiable markings.
The Lady we purchased it from did tell me that it belonged to and old Arizona rancher that said it was gifted to him by one of his good Navajo friends in the area. He had given it to this woman before he passed away and he preferred that it would find itself with someone who appreciated it the way he did.
It seems like a pretty special piece and we were glad to find it.
Here are a few more pictures with a bit more detail.
Thanks a bunch