Restore Black Oxidized Areas?

I’m not sure which is the right category for this but does anyone know if it is possible to restore or “re-blacken” the oxidized areas of NA jewelry? I have some pieces that have been over-polished and would look much better if they were returned to their original condition. Prefer DIY but would also consider a professional restoration. Thanks.

Hello, I would use a combination of Liver of Sulfur which you will apply to the jewelry and then rub it off with steel wool. This will give you a brushed finish look. Hope this helps and good luck.

Any silversmith will be able to “blacken” your piece. We have a shop we use in Old Scottsdale, AZ that does really inexpensive fantastic work to any of our silver pieces. It is the only place we trust in Scottsdale

I agree with Jason. Liver of sulphur is so easy to use (though it is a little stinky). If you don’t want a brushed appearance, you can just use silver polish to remove it from the areas you want to keep shiny.

Another product is called Black Max and generally is used for restoring the low relief on items like class rings. Jewelry repair supply houses would carry this. It is rather like black paint, but it’s for jewelry.

Liver of Sulpher is what a silversmith would use. I personally would never attempt it myself and have always had a silversmith do it. Good luck if you try it yourself.


If your jewelry has stones (especially one as soft as turquoise) it could be a very bad thing to get any liver of sulphur on them . That said, Liver of Sulphur would be my preference for do-it-yourself, as things such as Max Black contain more dangerous chemicals. I think I would start by getting an estimate from a professional.