Revised Pictures! Help Identifying LY Hallmark on Unusual Coral Ring - Leo Yazzie?

I’ve been hunting for the maker of this ring. It is not your typical Navajo design, but for some reason screams Navajo at me. Maybe I’m wrong. Although it is not marked Sterling, my heavy duty magnet has nothing to do with it.

It is marked specifically L. Y. I was wondering about Leo Yazzie, but the signature is wrong. Definitely not Louise or Lee Yazzie. I keep going back to Leo. Maybe Leroy? `Is there somebody I don’t know about…obviously?

Thank you for any input. I appreciate it very much.

Hello, it has the .925 stamp which is sterling. This ring doesn’t
appear to be handmade and the stones seem to imitation. I imagine that
hallmark is for some manufacturing company. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you Jason. I looked at your response and somehow that’s not the ring I posted. That’s not even my ring. I don’t know who it belongs to. I think I hit a wrong key when I was getting started. Will try again.