Richard Singer Kachina Kokopelli Pendant Silver 4 inches high

Hello, does anybody have an idea for how much this would sell and if it is a collectible item. It is signed by Richard Singer but I could not detect a sterling stamp. Stands 4 inches high! Any idea how old this might be? Thanks for your help!


This is a fairly modern piece, probably post 1980’s. Even though there is no sterling mark, it appears to be sterling silver. Here is an identical one for sale on etsy

If you have any further questions about the piece, please feel free to ask!

Cheers, Bigbree

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What a coincidence: I have been to the Macs shop in Tucson years ago. Wow I did internet search before I posted but this one did not pop up. I also think it is sterling silver and I like it very much. A keeper for me!


This piece was clearly meant for you!